Farmstead Geiger Lake Constance   

Häfeli with sea garden

Cosy little café-restaurant

Häfeli - that's how we fondly call this little gem, which boats its own small fishing port and pier. This space has belonged to the Geiger family’s farmstead since the early years. Only later did our great-grandparents buy a piece of lakeshore, as an extension of the farm property.

The width of the property "Häfeli" resulted from the span of the nets, which were woven and patched here. You did not need that much in the early days! Furthermore, money was scarce and buying land on the lake was considered a little crazy.

What was once acquired from a purely practical point of view for fishing work has now become a favourite spot for the Geiger family, but also of course for locals and travellers alike, as a lake rest stopover, for a nice meal and drink, and excellent swimming spot in summer.

The farm shop at the Häfeli was founded in 2003, and in 2013 was converted into a small idyllic café-restaurant with lake view, offering wood oven and fresh fish specialties – the original sea garden at the Häfeli.

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Farmstead Geiger Lake Constance
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