Hof Geiger am Bodensee   


Fishing at Lake Constance

For generations, the Bodensee fishery was the main income for our family. Unfortunately, the catches have since declined sharply due to lack of food for the fish in the lake, in turn compelling use to further diversify into tourism accommodation and hospitality related activities. Nevertheless, fish are still being caught, mostly during the spring and summer months. Enough for our own needs and for our small café-restaurant by the lake, the Häfeli.

The catch is processed into delicacies at out farm's own processing plant, including smoked or fileted fish, and sometimes pickled fish, but always fresh from our own catch from Lake Constance. We were never inclined to import from afar what is provided to us by local nature.

Depending on the catch, we offer guests fish for their own consumption, fried in the pan, smoked or grilled in the garden.

Read more about the situation of fishing on Lake Constance:  www.bodensee-fischer.de


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