Hof Geiger am Bodensee   

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Hof Geiger on Lake Constance

Location / connections

Unteruhldingen is located at the heart of the Bodensee region, on the western end of the Upper part of Lake Constance, more or less in the middle between Bregenz at the lake's eastern end and Schaffhausen/the Rhine Falls and Stein am Rhein in the west – at a distance of around 50km to both ends of the lake.

Our immediate location is well serviced:

0,25 km to the bus stop
3,0km to the station Uhldingen- Mühlhofen
0,5 km to the BSB jetty and private lines with boat shuttle service to Mainau Island
150 m to the beach

Some places of interest nearby:

  • Opposite Unteruhldingen (10 minutes by boat) is the "tropical island" Mainau.
  • In Unteruhldingen on the lakeshore are the UNESCO World Heritage listed stilt houses.
  • The unique baroque church Birnau in at 4.6km distance, just a couple of minutes by car or short bicycle ride.
  • In the south, reachable in 40 minutes by bicycle and ferry, or bus and ferry, the University City of Constance with the famous medieval Council building and it's Cathedral. From 1414 to 1418 a medieval world event took place in Constance, the Council of Constance. The Council of Constance, the only council for the election of the new Pope outside Italy. The purpose of the council was to end the schism of the Catholic Church. The church reformer Jan Hus was condemned as a heretic during this council and burned at the stake in 1415. The city of Constance also has many other attractions, including historical, architectural, arts and culture, shopping, gastronomy and nightlife.


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Hof Geiger on Lake Constance, Bodensee
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